Hon. Most Rev. Dr. Cesidio Tallini Nationalities or Citizenships

  • Antarctican by naturalisation (since being born in a micronation is like being physically born in Antarctica, and if there is anyone on Earth that can claim Antarctica as their place of citizenship, it is the micronationalist; he has also proudly served as real and perhaps first Consul of Antarctica for one of Antarctica's 11 Natives)
  • Former Citizen of New York State (who has renounced his New York City residency as a child, and New York City citizenship or potential citizenship as an adult, since he doesn't view Winnecomaq or Long Island a part of New York City)
  • National of Winnecomaq or Long Island (thus he considers himself a Citizen of the Commonwealth by historic right, without full recognition of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
  • Native American by place of birth or jus soli (without full US Federal security clearance or full US rights)
  • Native American by adoption (adopted by a Native American traditional organisation that is acknowledged by some recognised Native American tribes, bands, or traditional communities)
  • Honorary Citizen of Canada
  • Asian by place of citizenship by naturalisation

  • Ethnically an aboriginal Hernicus or Hernican [1, 2, 3], in a wider racial sense a Sabellian. Though their territory was included in Latium, in the sense in which that term was understood in the days of Augustus, Hernicans were still distinguishable as a separate people. Cicero categorised their spoken Latin as rusticitas, and Hernicans are mentioned even at a later time as retaining many characteristics of their rude and simple forefathers. It should also be understood that outside of the towns of Alatri (Aletrium), Ferentino (Ferentinum), and Veroli (Verulae), all other Hernicans had citizenship without the right to vote (civitas sine suffragii latione), or citizenship without the right to marry Roman citizens, so they were citizens, but effectively treated like peregrini (foreigners).
  • Undocumented Citizen of Italy by place of citizenship or jus sanguinis
  • Undocumented Citizen of the European Union (by right as an Italian citizen)
  • African by place of citizenship by naturalisation
  • "African resident" for the purposes of a future Citizen of the Republic of Cabinda
  • "African resident" and potential African Citizen according to the Organization of African Unity former claims
  • "African resident" and potential African Diplomat according to Government of Southern Cameroons